Our Clients


Speakcare is an English language teaching company founded in July, 2008. Under our ultimate goal of being “the leading company in Asia dedicated to improving the public’s knowledge of the English language, and using advancements in communication technology,” we are providing an unprecedented service which differs greatly from existing ones.

Only three years after our founding, major companies such as Samsung Electronics, GS E&C (one of the leading construction companies in Korea), and governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, have become our customers. Moreover, the fact that our company is recorded as the number one selling company in the industry on Ticket Monster (the Korean one deal a day website),  and is ranked first place in the education category in the smartphone application market, proves the reliable reputation of our company.

Speakcare provides our customers with a wide range of courses including preparation for many official English speaking examinations, English speaking in general, and speaking lessons combined with online services. Since this course variety can meet every student’s differing needs, Speakcare is growing rapidly with enormous support from our customers.

Also, courses which are designed for a particular purpose, creative and original textbooks written within the company, and a convenient study management system, are other factors that elicit positive responses from our customers.

Speakcare is now looking at expanding its service into China, and using its experience in the Korean market as a foundation, will stand as the leading educational company in Asia in the short future. We hope you will join us on the path toward a brighter future.