Student Testimonials

“How wonderful my teacher is! My first feeling after first class was perfect. Following to the Buddism theory, there may be some connection between Ms. Caroline and me. I’ll try to study much more diligently in the future. Thank you.”

“At first I was embarrassed at speaking English due to not speaking for a long time. Robin teacher’s kindness made me comfortable and I could get a good lesson.”

“WOW, I’m so impressed by your good comment. and I’m really appreciate your advise as always. Brandon, I’m sure you are one of the best teacher!”

“Only one lesson could let me guess she is a great English teacher.”

“Today is a happy day to meet you. Thank you!”

“Trisha, I’ll never forget you and your teaching. And I hope we will have lessons together next month! you’re a great teacher and friend. Thank you very much :)”

“Soooooo Kind!!!!thank you for saying like that :))) Have a good weekend!”


“Hello Joe, nice to meet you, too. and I am glad that talked with you. But, I was really nervous. so I could not spoke english well. I will need time to coversation. However, please help me, so that I can speak well. I will also study hard. See you next time.”

“Today’s lesson was a little nervous but really fun and GREAT!! :) and I take your feedback and I more practice that make a complete sentence when I do talk!! have a nice day and I look forward to tomorrow’s lesson!! :)”

“Thanks Mrs.Tamara. You are amazing!”

“Even though I have been learning from my teacher for only one week, he has fixed all my mistakes thoroughly and reviewed my work over and over. So I would like to say thank you.”

“Teacher!! Thank you ^ ^ Because you’re kind, I can speak ( just short sentence;;;). I checked out your comment every day. Thanks !! God bless you!”

“Yesterday we talked about movies ! I always forgot article…. it is bad habit..T.T I will study hard. Thank u :)”

“Thank you so much. Yesterday was really happy and helpful time to prepare my work.”

“It’s great to learn more and more new things from one class to the next. Thank you teacher Ken! “