Teacher Testimonials


Bethany ~MichiganI am a Stay-at-Home mother, with four little kids, two whom are in school.  I was looking for some part-time work, but I had a hard time finding something that would fit into my family’s lifestyle.  Language Development System has been a perfect fit!  

The most important thing to me was to find something that would not take me away from the family.  Whereas we have had to adjust some of our family’s timetables, it has worked beautifully.  The best part is that the kids have not been impacted at all.

I work the 5am shift.  We adjusted our family hours so that my husband and I go to bed at the same time as the kids.  In the morning, my husband wakes up with me (so that we are on the same schedule).  It is a perfect arrangement.  If one of my kids wakes up early and needs attention my husband takes care of them, and I can work without interruption.  We thought it would be hard on our marital relationship, but amazingly, it is great.  We have to be intentional and plan time together, which we never had the motivation to do before.

I admit *blushing* that I had no intention of working with Language Development System long term. (I am NOT a morning person)  However, after I started to get to know some of my students and they became my friends, I have not even been interested in quitting.  Some days it’s like waking up and calling my girlfriends and chatting for a few hours, a great way to start the day.  Sometimes I get cancellations,  I just go out to the kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband.  

The work is challenging, and interesting.    I enjoy getting to know more about the Korean culture, I love getting a more global perspective on the world, and I enjoy making new friends.  I get to work with funky morning hair (because no one can see me).  Who would not enjoy a job, where all you have to do is stumble out of bed, and talk on the phone to friends in Korea?



Matilda ~MichiganI have been tutoring Korean students since February 16, 2009. I begin my day tutoring. It is a privilege to help my students reach their goals, whether it’s preparing to take the OPIC or TOEIC, or perfecting their ability to speak in English.

The curriculum allows the students to use their English in a number of scenarios. By studying the material and attending class,  the students use their visual and auditory skills. Those students who study and prepare their lessons, and attend class consistently, make the greatest strides forward. It takes commitment to gain a skill, and I am committed to helping my students as they attend class.

We also, have ways for the students to communicate with the teacher outside of class. I am excited to see a student take the extra step and seek more help. This program has helped many students reach their goal, and I am glad to be part of this process.



Trisha  ~MichiganApart from the convenience and freedom of being able to work anywhere with a stable internet connection, my favorite thing about working for Language Development System is the connection with students.

In the time that I have worked with the company, I have met so many amazing people from across the planet. I am able to learn about each student individually; their families, jobs, culture, and hobbies.

At times, it feels like I am just chatting with friends. When you make that connection with students, they become more comfortable to ask questions, become more involved in the lessons, and both the tutor and student get more out of the experience.   



GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThere are many reasons why I like working for Language Development System. One thing that I enjoy about this job is being able to work with people who appreciate what you do.

I have worked in retail before and customers aren’t always the happiest of people.  The students,  however, respect what you have to say and I enjoy getting to know them personally. Some have chosen to work with me for extended periods and I’ve been able to become good friends with them. It’s nice to start the day with people eager to learn.

Another thing I like is that you know what days and times you will be working. It is much easier to plan things in advance. I chose the morning shift which allows me to have the weekend free. Since everything is done over the computer, you can work from anywhere that has a good enough internet connection. I had to travel back from the west coast and was still able to do my shift from my Grandpa’s house. It is very nice being able to work from home.



Molly ~ MichiganI absolutely love my tutoring work and for several reasons. The most important is that it allows me the great opportunity to meet, even if only virtually, people from Korea, whom I’ve come to admire and respect tremendously.

I truly enjoy teaching English to people who want to learn it and use it correctly. I’m glad to be a part of their efforts to improve their lives.  I’m also honored to form these personal connections and share in the ups and downs of their lives.

It’s also important to me that people around the world learn from me a more realistic view of the United States. Unfortunately they see too much of the less positive side of our country, such as the Jerry Springer show.  Through the lessons we’re able to share a more balanced view of our societies.

Of course, the flexibility of this type of work fits my lifestyle very well and offers me a kind of freedom and schedule control I’ve not had in a long time.

I’ve been tutoring approximately three years and plan to continue as long as I’m needed.  I highly recommend this work (which most of the time doesn’t feel like work at all).



jimberigan (1)I have been teaching for Language Development Systems for one year now, and it has been a fantastic experience! I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I was immediately put at ease by the professionalism and friendliness of the recruiter and the trainer I met over the phone. They clearly explained the nature of this unique job and gave me all the tools I would need to be successful.

I really appreciated that they trained me in the basic framework of the position, but they definitely allowed room for my own style and personality to flourish. I could tell right away that I would feel very comfortable in my role as a tutor.

I also did not expect that I would meet such great students! Before starting with LDS, I knew very little about South Korea, but I very quickly gained incredible knowledge and insight into their culture, their traditions, their modern life-styles, and even a bit of their language! I was amazed by the hunger the students showed in learning how to speak English!

Since I didn’t speak any Korean, I was relieved to learn that was not a requirement. All my students have come to class with varying degrees of English fluency, and I have been able to communicate with each one of them.

Overall, I am so glad to have found a job with LDS. Being an online English tutor has given me steady work, an opportunity to meet new people, share our language and culture, and feel a strong sense of satisfaction in what I’m doing.

If you have an outgoing and engaging personality, I think you will do very well at this job. The students are anxious to meet and get to know you. This is a “conversation” course, so you definitely need to keep the dialogue moving forward in a fun and upbeat way. If you can do this with many different kinds of people, your students will love you!

I am so glad I gave this opportunity a try! I hope you do, too. Good luck!



Dianne  ~MichiganI’m so glad you are considering working for LDS!  A Phone English teacher’s job is exciting.

Your students will cover a wide spectrum:  high school students, house wives, office workers, CEOs, doctors. They have had interesting experiences they will gladly share with you.

Talking with your students will allow you to share things about your own country, children, grandchildren and travels, even as you feel you are becoming close to the families of your students. If you’re concerned about working a committed schedule, remember that there are several schedules for you to choose from: mornings, evenings, a few specific days.

There are also arrangements which can be made for emergencies, or take a special night off to watch your child in his school concert. 

Honestly, I have just started my seventh year of working for LDS. The work is still exciting, and I am still learning new things from my students about South Korea and its culture. That, alone, is stimulating. But, as with any teaching experience you will also feel great satisfaction and pride in seeing how much your students are able to improve their English skills in a few short minutes each day. They are committed, hard-working and appreciative for all of your efforts.



Tammy  ~MichiganI have been working for LDS for five years, and I really enjoy it.  I like the fact that I am interacting with people from another culture and learning from them while teaching them.

It’s very rewarding to see them improve, and get better scores on their English tests as we work together.  

I find the Korean people to be very diligent and hardworking, and I admire them for that.  I have learned so much about South Korea and its culture through this job!  

It is always interesting due to the wide variety of ages and vocations of our students – from school children to businessmen and women in all occupations. I have had ten-year-old students, to men in their late fifties. I’ve taught nurses, doctors, office workers and housewives. Everyone has something to share from their life as we work through the textbook material.

I am excited about the new  students we will be getting from China! If you want an interesting, stimulating job that you can do conveniently form home, this would be a great job for you!



Terri      ~MichiganAs a retired schoolteacher, I find this experience to be one of the most rewarding of my lifetime. 

Not only do I get to work with wonderful students but I have a flexible schedule, and get a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and learn about a Country, people and their culture.  This is a marvelous opportunity that is perfect for anyone in my position.



Ken ~ MichiganWhen I think about working for Language Development System (LDS), I am reminded of the movie Pay It Forward.  Sure, we can work a job, put in our time, and get paid at the end.

I find that working for LDS gives me an opportunity to do something more than just do the job….something with more significance….something with more passion. 

It gives me an opportunity to plug into someone else’s life, to pour a little of myself into someone else, and to make a difference.  What I do, and what the other tutors do, could make the difference between someone getting a job or not getting a job; getting a promotion or not getting a promotion.

I have found that the Korean students are eager to learn, not just how to speak better English, but also about our culture and about our lives.  I have had times when it is a bit frustrating and I wonder “why can’t they understand this?” so passion and compassion and patience are important. But there is great joy when the light bulb goes on and they understand and I know…I made a difference today!